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    Venting Accessories

    Accessories for chimneys, stainless steel exhaust systems and flue pipes.


    Motorized Exhaust Damper




    Motorized exhaust damper for High Pressure.



    The damper rod is externally turned by an actuator. The rod is connected to a damper blade that rotates to restrict exhaust flow.



    All stainless steel construction.
    0.08” thick (14 gauge) ASTM 316L stainless steel housing.
    0.08” thick (14 gauge) ASTM 316L stainless steel blade and stiffener.
    0.08” thick (14 gauge) ASTM 316L blade stop (no seal, metal to metal).
    0.87” thick Ø shaft with 0.63” square actuator connection.
    Mounting plate is a perfect match for Belimo GMX120-3
    Actuator (not included).
    Two (2) gas tight up to 5000 Pa (20” WC) graphite packing gaskets.


    Connection / Installation Details:

    Connection System: 1.5” wide flange1.
    Positioning: horizontally or vertically – shaft must remain horizontal.
    1Standard System (any connecting means are possible, examples: KL, 0.5” rolled flange, etc.)



    Temperature class: T400 " 400°C (752°F)
    Pressure class: H1 5000 Pa (20” WC)
    Condensate durability: W dry/wet


    Product data sheets and catalogs:

    MED-HP - Technical Data Sheet

    Main Features

    • All-stainless steel construction.
    • Heavy duty design.


      • Motorized exhaust damper for gas and oil heating appliances with dry or wet exhaust conditions.
      • Also for gas fireplaces and solid fuel fires.
      • Bypass damper for CHP or economizers.
      • Draft control for all appliances, forced draft or condensing.

      (Not for use as on/off damper for Category II & IV Appliances.)

        25 years warranty!