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    Generators / emergency backup generator

    We offer you the ideal flue system for any application.

    Always there when it’s an emergency…

    Generators and emergency backup generators produce electricity from available fuels in order to be independent of the electricity network.

    The single or double walled stainless steel flue systems are designed and manufactured for high flue temperatures up to 1200ºF and at for up to 90” of water column pressure. Instead of gaskets or silicone sealants, we use an ingeniously designed Conical metal-to-metal connection at each joint. This all stainless steel exhaust venting system is used in hospitals, computer data centers, and anywhere that a loss of electricity could have serious consequences.

    Jeremias flue systems for generators and emergency backup generators are soot, fire and moisture resistant. Accessories include different types of engine silencers, bellows for heat expansion and explosion relief valves.





    Double Wall -Vent Conical all-in-one chimney and exhaust system


    DWFL +1, +2, +3 and +4

    DWFL-ZC Grease Duct

    25 years warranty!