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    Double wall stainless steel exhaust systems

    Chimneys made of stainless steel with high quality insulation material, available in different designs, materials and colors.

    ECCO Type B Gas Vent

    Exhaust for Category I Appliances Only

    System features



    Double Wall Type B Gas Vent

    Inner Liner Material

    Inner liner made of Aluminum Alloy

    Outer Jacket Material

    Outer jacket made of Galvalume Steel


    Insulating air space

    ¼” on diameters 3” through 8”
    1”  on diameters 10” through 30”

    Inner diameter

    3 - 12 inch

    10 - 30 inch


    Ratings / Installation Requirements

    Maximum 470°F continuous flue gas temperature


    Negative vent pressures only


    Install at ¼” per foot slope back towards appliance



    Insulating air space


    3” through 8” Connection Details

    Align the seams and twist left to lock


    10” through 30” Connection Details

    Insert the male coupler into the female coupler and use sheet metal screws through holes in the female coupler


    Product data sheets and catalogs:

    ECCO – Double Wall Type B Gas Vent Technical Data Sheet


    ECCO Type B Gas Vent and accessories are for venting listed Natural Gas or Propane Category I. or appliances equipped with a draft hood.


    ECCO Type B Gas Vent may be used on other gasburning appliances, provided the appliance is certified for use with Type B Gas Vent, the installation conforms to the appliance installation instructions, and the installation is acceptable to the requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction.

    UL Listings (and ULC)

    UL-441 Standard, Gas Vents

    ULC-S605 Standard for Gas Vents

    25 years warranty!