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    Double wall stainless steel exhaust systems

    Chimneys made of stainless steel with high quality insulation material, available in different designs, materials and colors.

    DWAF - All Fuel

    Double Wall All Fuel Exhaust system

    System features



    Double Wall All Fuel Exhaust System:
    Easiest and Fastest joint assembly on the market using innovative and industry first technology


    444 or 316L stainless-steel inner liner
    304 stainless-steel outer jacket
    All supports and accessories are stainless steel



    1 ½” thick ceramic fiber insulation compressed into 1 ¼” space



    6 - 36"



    2.2" overlapping joint with Patent-Pending light-weight technology, and double female socket peritting fastest alignment/installation on the market. 
    1. Use supplied silicone sealant to make the complete seal. 
    2. Push the male/female ends together
    3. Install the outer locking band to ensure correct engagement



    Product data sheets and catalogs:

    DWAF - Technical Data Sheet - All Fuel


    Installation manuals:

    DWAF Installation manual 



    UL Summaries:





    Main features

    • Factory CAD designs for installation ease
    • All lengths are field-cuttable for maximum flexibility 
    • 100% Stainless-Seel with maintenance-free Limited lifetime Warranty


      • All stainless-steel double wall chimney and grease duct system for pizza ovens, boilers, cooking ovens, or appliances that do not exceed 1400°F flue gas temperatures continuously
      • For connecting heating appliances to the outdoors under negative or positive vent pressure

    UL Listings (and ULC)


    UL-1978 Standard
    Grease Duct
    (ULC-S662 Standard for Factory-Built Grease Ducts)


    UL-103 Standard
    Building Heating Appliance Chimney
    (ULC/ORD-C959 Industrial Type 540°C Chimney)


    UL-103 Standard

    Additional Type HT Listing


    UL-2561Standard, 1400°F Chimney Listing 
    (ULC-/ORD-C959 Industrial Type 760°C Chimney)

    Additional UL/ULC 20" W.C. Pressure Listing

    25 years warranty!