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    Venting Accessories

    Accessories for chimneys, stainless steel exhaust systems and flue pipes.

    Implosion Relief Valves

    Especially, in large-scale plants, a Joukowski shock can occur in the exhaust gas line due to strong pressure fluctuations, triggered for example by a deflagration followed by a pressure reduction, an abrupt switching off of the burner as a result of a power failure/defect or a too fast closing of the air supply flaps of the burner.

    In such cases, the hot exhaust stream is suddenly interrupted, which generates enormously high vacuum in the exhaust gas pipe leading to its deformation at times also irreparable damage. The use of a Joukowski valve prevents this effect/shock.

    In the case of a large pressure change in the exhaust gas line, the normally closed cover plate of the Joukowski flap opens immediately automatically via a spring mechanism, thus allowing air to flow in for pressure compensation. As soon as normal pressure conditions prevail, the flap closes again and the system can resume normal operation. 


    Implosion Relief Valves

    Relief of negative pressure operation in order to assure no flue gases can escape during standard operation.
    For use in engine exhaust, heating appliances, and other fuel fired equipment.

    During normal operation the spring keeps the cover plate closed, if the combustion air damper is closed at the burner due to a blackout, the chimney cannot draw in air through the boiler. The "missing" air now returns through the implosion damper. This prevents the so-called Joukowsky shock by immediately opening the cover plate. Example, if the flue gases are cut off from the chimney during a sudden appliance shutdown, the negative pressure in the chimney may contract (warp) the connecting breeching.

    Connection: Flange or factory welded onto a fitting. May be installed vertically or horizontally.

    25 years warranty!