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    Jeremias Stocking partners

    Short delivery times

    Jeremias Stocking Partners

    Eight stocking partners all over the US ensure a permanent stock of standard items and short delivery times. Please see detailed contact data by moving the mouse to one of the blue crowns on our interactive map or see the full addresses below.

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    Please see our Stock catalog and select our favorite parts. You are welcome to call any of our stocking partners, use the Stock order form below or use dedicated VentBOM stock database for creating an automatic bill of materials.

    Jeremias Stock catalog

    DWGV (Double Wall) Stock order form (pdf)

    DWGV (Double Wall) Stock order form (Excel)

    SWGV (Single Wall) Stock order form (pdf)

    SWGV (Single Wall) Stock order form (Excel)

    VentBOM stock database

    Installation manual DWGV

    How to field modify a DWGV cut length

    Jeremias Stocking partners


    Mechanical Sales Co. / Precision Vent
    829 Pickens Industrial Dr., Suite 5
    Marietta, GA 30062


    phone: 678-461-5997
    e-mail: sales@b-vent.com

    Mussun Sales, Inc.
    3419 Carnegie Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44115

    phone: 216-426-3889
    e-mail: sellis@mussun.com

    25 years warranty!