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    Venting Accessories

    Accessories for chimneys, stainless steel exhaust systems and flue pipes.

    Barometric Exhaust Dampers

    Type M

    Oil or Coal - Residential

    The M control lends itself ideally to conditions requiring a great deal of stability and accuracy. Designed for settings from .01” to .1”, the Field M Control is recommended for oil or coal-fired residential heating applications. The Type M features an infinitely variable screw adjustment, permitting an extremely fine instrument setting. The M employs side wings to control air direction with gate curvatures designed to compensate for differences in horizontal and vertical settings.


    Temperature: Max. 392°F
    Pressure: 0.85” WC
    Classifications: ANSI Z21.66-2015, CSA6.14-2015, Class-C330503; Class-C330583

    Type MG-1


    A double-acting control for gas-fired furnaces and boilers is widely used for conversion burner installations, gas draft-induced appliance operation with mechanical draft inducers, or sidewall power venters. lt is also recommended for use on gas atmospheric appliances where a draft hood cannot be installed, and can improve combustion stability and draft on many gas atmospheric installations with venting problems.

    The MG-1 provides precise, accurate control of drafts at levels higher than permitted by a standard draft diverter, which is a frequent requirement with gas. Because it is double-acting, it opens out to relieve positive vent system pressures as low as .01". Draft adjustments using weights are simple and accurate from .01” to .1”.

    Type MG-2

    Solid, Oil or Gas Commercial/Industrial

    This is a series of compact, rugged, heavy-duty controls for use on large residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The Field Type M+MG2 Draft Control provides precise draft regulations for solid fuels, oil, gas, or oil/gas appliances requiring only the simplest, on-the­ job adjustments depending on which fuel is to be utilized. In a gas installation, the double-acting Type M+MG2 is specified instead of a draft hood to give the appliance the assistance of the chimney. In a duel fuel oil/gas or a gas-fired only application, use the M+MG2 as a double-acting draft control with the optional Field Thermal Switch accessory.
    Use the M+MG2 as a single-acting draft control for oil or solid fuel applications. For any installation with 10" or larger diameter smoke pipe, specify our standard M+MG2 Draft Control, the unit that can be adapted to any fuel. The moving part (gate) rests on a long, thin, stainless steel knife edge which, in turn, is supported by self­aligning and self-cleaning bearings. When the heavy gauge gate moves, only the knife edge rests on the bearing for minimum friction and maximum sensitivity to draft changes.


    Temperature class: T400 " 400°C (752°F)
    Pressure class: H1 5000 Pa (20” WC)
    Condensate durability: W dry/wet

    25 years warranty!