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    Single wall exhaust systems

    High quality single wall exhausts for relining of existing brick chimneys, categorized gas vents, non-categorized connectors, and kitchen exhaust


    Single Wall Rectangular Grease Duct

    System features



    Single Wall Rectangular Grease Duct assembly for Kitchen ventilation Systems


    Made of minimum 0.0035" stainless steel
    1” wide flange is minimum 12 gauge (0.109”) stainless steel


    Wall thickness

    Minimum 0.035”



    Model SWGD-R Grease Duct is available in either square or rectangular configurations. The maximum allowable width to height ratio is 6 to 1, for instance 36” x 6”.
    Square duct is available in sizes from 6” x 6” to 36” x 36”. Rectangular duct is available in sizes from 6” x 8” to 27” x 48”.



    Connection is flange-to-flange bolted
    Supplied sealant is used on the flange to make a seal
    Rectangular grease duct must be installed with a slope of 1/8” per foot of horizontal length if the length of the run is 75’ or less. If the length of the horizontal run exceeds 75’, it must be installed at a slope of ¼” per foot


    Product data sheets and catalogs:

    Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

    SWGD-R - Technical Data Sheet



    Sample Specification – SWGD


    Submittal Records:

    GD Series Submittal Grease Duct


    UL Summaries:



    Main features

    • Extremely rigid inner is made of all stainless-steel with Limited 10-Year Warranty
    • Liquid tight joints
    • Smooth flow and known resistance for accurate factory pressure calculations
    • No welding required at jobsites


      Stainless steel duct assembly for Kitchen Ventilation Systems.

      UL Listings (and ULC)


      UL-1978 Standard for Factory-Built Grease Ducts

      ULC-S662 Standard for Factory-Built Grease Ductsw

      25 years warranty!