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    Pizza Oven Chimney

    Grease duct systems especially designed for Pizza Ovens.

    Pizza Oven Chimney and Grease Duct


    When direct venting Wood Burning Pizza Ovens the exhaust duct is required to have both UL-103HT Listing for Solid Fuel 2100°F burnout (for 10 minutes and 3 times) and UL-1978 Listing for Grease Duct which has 2000F internal fire test at 30 minutes.

    Model DWCK+1 is purposely engineered to cover both such UL Listings and have been determined suitable for Pizza Oven and Grease Duct as defined by NFPA-96, the “Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations”.

    We stock 8”, 10”, and 12” diameter systems!
    Access panels are used for cleaning between offsets and in horizontal runs. Fans and adapters can be added as needed.  Jeremias Wood Burning Pizza Oven Chimney systems include connection to flue outlet, adjustable or field cut-able lengths, supports, guides, roof thimbles, and terminations.

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