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    Our philosophy!

    “Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is.“- Henry Ford

    Appreciation is the basis of our company culture

    Jeremias stands for Know-how, quality and innovative products. But Jeremias is more than just a famous manufacturer of chimneys and flue systems. Our long term success is based on our philosophy of tradition and values, which are also the guideline of our daily work. Visionary thinking, ethics, appreciation of our colleagues, clients and distributors are the reasons of the sustainable and successful development of the family business.


    Highest quality

    We offer you products of top quality and strive for perfection in all areas of the company. We follow the motto "Nothing is so good, that it cannot be improved." Quality means to us that our clients are satisfied and their expectations are fulfilled.  Each employee knows that the quality of our products is most important and hence with good and constructive working atmosphere the best quality can be achieved. This includes product procedures, checking and questioning every process, product and activity to improve the quality.


    Lean structures and processes as well as quick decisions making are important pillars of our corporate philosophy. We are committed to our customers to keep our costs as low as possible and achieve excellent price/performance ratio.



    The Jeremias group is a reliable business partner. Our products are long-lasting and sustainable. Our sales team is close to the customer, and provide expert advice and deliver reliably.



    As an international leading supplier in the market, open-mindedness is a big part of our thinking and actions. Our product range meets the special requirements of the international markets.  


    As a technology leader and trendsetter in our industry, we develop innovative systems for new applications and for new markets and offer individual solutions for our customers.


    Complete range

    We offer a complete product range for ever request and comprehensive services to support our customers. Our products can be installed easily and are reliable. Our product range has a solution for every problem.



    We are a family-run concern and work with our customers, colleagues and distributor as  fair partners with the aim of a two sided success.  We know the value of the people in companies and communicate this openly and confidently. For those who are qualified, willing to perform and have the know-how we offer ecellent career oppurtunities.

    25 years warranty!