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    Venting Accessories

    Accessories for chimneys, stainless steel exhaust systems and flue pipes.


    Motorized Exhaust Damper




    Motor actuated gas vent damper for overpressure applications with wet exhaust conditions (Category IV Appliances).
    Reduction of cycle venting losses through boilers and draft hoods.


    The damper rod is externally turned by an actuator. The rod is connected to a damper blade that rotates to restrict exhaust flow.


    All stainless steel construction.
    0.03” – 0.06” thick ASTM 316L stainless steel housing.
    0.06” thick (14 gauge) ASTM 316L stainless steel blade and stiffener.
    0.06” thick (14 gauge) ASTM 316L blade stop (no seal, metal to metal).

    Connection / Installation Details:

    Connection System: KL coupler system.
    Positioning: horizontally or vertically – shaft must remain horizontal.
    Also available for appliances with pilot flame.


    Temperature: Max. 392°F
    Pressure: 0.85” WC
    Classifications: ANSI Z21.66-2015, CSA6.14-2015, Class-C330503; Class-C330583


    Product data sheets and catalogs:

    MED-GA - Technical Data Sheet

    Main Features

    • All-stainless steel construction.
    • Heavy duty design.
    • Disc is metallic tight to outer casing.
    • Overload protected motor.
    • Automatic stop.


    • Pressure applications with wet exhaust conditions (Category IV Appliances)
    • Boilers
    • Draft hoods


    • Reducing boiler heat loss during standby.
    • Condensate tight shaft.
    • Two auxiliary switches.
    • 0.85” WC max. static pressure (outer casing).

    25 years warranty!