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    Venting Accessories

    Accessories for chimneys, stainless steel exhaust systems and flue pipes.


    Modulating and On/Off Vent Damper System




    The VBD Vent Damper System consists of a single blade damper. It can be used as an on/off damper to prevent airflow though the appliance in an off cycle as well as to maintain a constant negative or positive pressure in the vent exhaust connector.


    20 Gauge 316L stainless steel housing and blade
    ½” graphite sealed bearings
    Viton seal on damper blade


    Connection / Installation Details:

    ½” flanged connections
    Positioning: horizontally or vertically – shaft must remain horizontal



    Motor actuated on/off and modulating gas vent damper for gas vents serving gas or liquid burning appliances such as Category I, II, III & IV appliances or Building Heating Appliances.Essential for common venting Condensing or Category II/IV Appliances – will not allow any possibility of flue gas recirculation and to maintain constant exhaust pressure for each appliance at all times.Reduction of cycle venting losses through boilers and draft hoods.


    • Includes a capacitor return safety mechanism
    • Condensate tight shaft
    • Two auxiliary switches
    • Bi-directional pressure transducer
    • Fast acting actuator, 2 or 4 second 0-90 span

          25 years warranty!