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    Single wall exhaust systems

    High quality chimneys made of stainless steel for relining of existing brick chimneys or as a connection between boiler and chimney.


    Pressure-tight exhaust system made of stainless steel

    System features



    Single Wall Special Gas Vent

    Inner Liner Material

    ASTM 316L highgrade stainless steel

    Wall thickness

    0.016" (diameters 3 - 10")
    0.020" (diameter 12")


    3 - 12 inch


    Industry leading 2.28” overlapping joint with silicone 3-ribbed gasket

    Main features

    • All-stainless steel construction with 25-year warranty.
    • Assurance of finest quality and reliability.
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Patent Pending field cutable length for maximum flexibility during installation.


    Jeremias Special Gas Vent was designed specifically for the condensing boiler market where ease of assembly, overall time invested, and price are the main concerns.
    Unlike our other products, this Special Gas Vent will not have a conical joint, rather a gasket to seal the male-to-female connection and secured by a locking band. For use with temperatures not exceeding 550°F continuous and pressures not exceeding 20” WC.

    UL Listings (and ULC)

    UL-1738 Standard, Venting Systems for Gas-Burning
    Appliances, Categories II, III & IV

    ULC-S636 Standard for Type BH Gas Venting Systems

    25 years warranty!