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    Single wall exhaust systems

    High quality chimneys made of stainless steel for relining of existing brick chimneys or as a connection between boiler and chimney.


    Single wall Grease Duct for connectin cooking appliances and grease hoods

    System features



    Single Wall Grease Duct


    ASTM 304 stainless steel

    Wall thickness

    per UL-1978 Listing


    3 – 16 inch
    18 - 36 inch 





    Locking Band

    Attached to each part

    Main features

    • Factory CAD designs for installation ease
    • Cut length available for maximum field flexibility
    • All-stainless with Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Leak proof conical high pressure joints
    • Smooth flow and known resistance for perfected factory pressure calculations
    • Field insulate as required for reduced or zero clearance


    Stainless steel duct for connecting cooking appliances and grease hoods to the outdoors under negative or positive pressure.

    True replacement for field welded black steel. SWGD taps together without the need for welding or in field fabrication.

    UL Listings (and ULC)


    UL-1978 Standard
    Grease Duct
    (ULC-S662 Standard for Factory-Built Grease Ducts)


    UL-103 Standard
    Building Heating Appliance Chimney
    (Industrial Type 540°C Chimney)


    UL-103 & UL-2561 Standards
    Additional Positive Pressure Listing to 90” WC after 1400°F

    25 years warranty!