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    Stainless Steel Chimneys

    The Jeremias Group has more than 40 years of experience in flue and chimney production. A selection of case studies from recent installations around the world can be viewed here. All are high pressure and high temperature exhaust systems.

    Stadium - Braves SunTrust Park

    USA, Atlanta

    • All Grease Duct (kitchen exhausts system) in the ballpark
    • 26 main risers plus 6 dedicated smoker and oven exhausts
    • 4,600 feet of 12 inch to 36 inch diameters, Model DWKL
    • 2x 1500 Kw Generator exhaust: 244 feet of 16 inch diameter, Model DWKL
    • 2x 2000 MBH water heaters common vent: 300 feet of 14 inch diameter, Model DWKL

    Mercedes Benz Stadium - Falcons

    USA, Atlanta

    • 3 x Grease Duct (Kitchen Ventilation Systems)
      Used Jeremias due to UL code allowance of minimum   slope over required slope for welded steel
      117 M of 400 mm and 500 mm of Model SWKL
    • 5 x 2000 MBH Boiler Flues, dedicated sidewall vented
      73 M of 350 mm diameter Model DWKL
    • Owner Suite Fireplace Chimney
      15 M of 300 mm diameter Model DWKL

    Hotel Barceló Praha Five

    Czech Republic, Prague

    • Kitchen exhaust system
    • Fire restistance class EI30 according to EN 13501-3 
    • System SV-EI 30 mit Ø 700 mm
    • 60 m total lenght



    Royal Albert Hall

    UK, London

    • Temporary flue system for boilers
    • DW-ECO 2.0
    • 600 mm diameter
    • About 40m in length




    Al Shaya - Food center

    Dubai, Industrial City

    • Fresh air ducts, vapour exhaust fans and flue gas systems for in total 23 ovens
    • 2 "Multi-purpose cooker" Convention Ovens
    • 8 Roll in ovens, 3 Electric and 10 Baking ovens
    • Aprox 400 m of double wall  DW-ECO 316 2.0 and single wall EW-ECO 316 condensing
    • 200 and 250 mm diameter
    • Special Jet Terminals in 48 roof penetrations



    Chimney relining

    Chicago, IL

    • Chimney relining for a 90+ year old, 26 story building on the Shores of Lake Michigan.
    • Custom fabricated stack, 325 feet tall and 32 inches in diameter, produced by Jeremias Inc.
    • Installed inside a 58 inch black iron, asbestos lined [abated] 90 year old chimney
    • Free standing stack sitting on the existing concrete base and secured at the top
    • New stack attached to the existing black iron breaching with a custom fabricated square to round adapter
    • Installation by Hemingway Chimney Inc. of Chicago, IL

    Beaver Street Project

    New York City, NY

    • Over 300 Feet of DWKL 14''Ø Installed on outside of building in New York City
    • Workers were suspended by cables and Bosun's Chair to install.
    • It took only three days to complete.

    Deer Lakes Middle School

    Cheswick, PA

    • DWKL 14'', 16'' and 20'' in Cheswick, PA
    • Common vented exhaust flue.

    Emory JWing

    Atlanta, GA

    • Emory Hospital
    • DWKL 18 - Generator exhaust

    Atlanta Tech. College

    Atlanta, GA

    • DWKL 14''

    Chestnut Ridge Elementary

    Rochester, NY

    • DWKL 18'' and 24''

    Oak Forest Park Hospital

    Oak Forest, IL

    • DWKL 16
    • Common vented Boiler exhaust



    Columbus Regional Hospital

    Columbus, GA

    • DWKL 16'' an 24''
    • Common vented boiler flue in Cloumbus, Georgia Hospital

    Mount Aloysius College

    Cresson, PA

    • Three boiler stacks
    • DWKL-Rx 18''

    USNA Central Plan


    Pizzeria Lucca

    Roswell, GA

    • Three Italian Wood fired Pizza ovens using DWKL 10''.

    Automotive industry

    Germany, Munich

    • A flue pipe for each of 37 control cabins with up to two control points for motors.
    • Mostly DWKL, diameter 8-20"
    • Total pipe length approx. 6000ft
    • All in all 30.5t of stainless steel had been constructed

    Oil platform Northern Sea


    • Power generator for oil platform
    • EWKL in special version
    • Custom-designed clamping bands and brackets
    • Pre-installed in scaffold 

    Private villa

    South Africa, Cape Town

    • Wood stove installation in a luxury villa
    • Double wall system with a diameter of 6"
    • Chimney as a design element of the terrace
    • Exclusive residential area Llandudno

    Industrial bakery

    Germany, Ludwigshafen

    • Connection of 20 baking ovens with a collecting pipe for flue gas/fumes/vapour pipe
    • Different double wall and single wall systems installed

    District heating central Pushkino

    Russia,Quarter of Moscow

    • District heating centre
    • System DWFU with a diameter of 44"
    • 5 systems with a lenght of 200 ft each
    • Lattice mast construction by Jeremias

    Coffee roasters Vigilante Coffee

    Washington D.C.

    • Flue system for coffee roasters
    • DWKL with a diameter of 8"
    • 20 ft high
    • Cooperation with franchise chain

    Center of gastronomy

    Spain, Madrid

    • Commercial kitchen hood in Platea Madrid
    • Double walled fire resistance system
    • 11 hoods
    • 1300 ft of pipes built with sound absorbers
    • Diameter of 12" to 16"
    • Installed by Jeremias 

    Industrial Plant Ordenes

    Spain, La Coruna

    • Manufacturing industry
    • Fire rated pipes and exhaust systems for generators
    • Installed by Jeremias

    Telecity Data Centre

    Ireland, Dublin

    • 8 emergency generators 2000 kVA
    • Installed exhaust system: Jeremias DWKL
    • Dimensioning and design of the entire installation

    Iberdrola Tower

    Spain, Bilbao

    • Double walled chimneys for emergency generators, boilers and fume hoods
    • More than 40" diameter
    • Vertical rising pipe> 650 ft.
    • System: DWKL, DWECO, Fire Rated Systems

    CPD Telefónica

    Spain, Alcalá de Henares

    • 24 emergency power generators set
    • Exhaust sytem: DWKL
    • Approx. 1600 ft piping
    • Installation of connection pipes, sound absorbers and modular elements
    • Insulation and covering of connection pipes and sound absorbers

    Rushey Meade School

    Great Britain, Leicester

    • 2 hot water boilers und 1 power generator
    • Installed exhaust systems: DWECO and DWKL
    • Free standing chimney for generator exhaust with two externally mounted double walled systems as satellites
    • Static calculation as per the British standard 4076:1989

    Arla Dairies Factory

    Great Britain, Aylesbury

    • 1 steam boiler, 1 block heat and power plant (CHP) and 2 standard boilers
    • Systems: DWECO, DWKL
    • 2 freestanding chimneys FSA-4
    • Preparation for a future expansion
    • Special painting of the freestanding chimneys

    Cerqueira canned fish

    Spain, Vigo

    • Exhaust system for CHP
    • DWKL with diameters 20-24"
    • Usage of compensators and mororized flue gas dampers
    • Three walled exhaust system, specially developed for the double flue gas function of the installation (Generator, boiler-exhausts through the same chimney)
    • Customer customised installation

    "El Pozo" food production

    Spain, Murcia

    • Exhaust gas pipes with fire resistance proved for 30 minutes
    • Round venting system with quadrangular ventilators and fitting passages
    • More than 1000 ft of double walled pipes installed
    • Used for the smoke extraction in case of fire

    Frigoríficos Costa Brava

    Spain, Girona

    • Block heat and power plant
    • DWKL with diameters 14-18"
    • Regulation T-piece with motorized clamps for the control of a bypass system
    • Flanged connection to all the other elements of the system (generator, compensator, exhaust gas sound silencer, boiler...)
    • Customer customised installation

    Hotel Best Western


    • First double walled flue system installation in Haiti
    • 3 power generators
    • DWKL in diameters 8-10"
    • In total approx. 360 ft double walled chimney
    • Jeremias own installers on site

    Cavendish Data Centre

    Hong Kong

    • 4 emergency generators
    • DWKL in diameters 14-16"
    • Support for horizontal run
    • Special requirements for wind load resistance corresponding to the regulations in Hong Kong (3 times more restrictive as European guidelines)